Keeping your Car Clean with
Lee's Summit's Professional Detailing


Your car may be your best friend - so you better begin to treat it right! In order to ensure your car
remains reliable for years to come, you need to make sure it receives regular maintenance and detailing.

When performed professionally, car detailing allows a vehicle to maintain the most of its financial value

as the years go by. An effectively detailed car is also comfortable for both the driver and passengers and

it will look and function like it is nearly brand new. There are many benefits of having a proper and routinely

detailed and fresh-looking car. Let's first appreciate the car detailing process in order to ensure that you are

receiving the highest quality car detailing services and customer care. What exactly then is required from a

professional car detailing service in Kansas City? See below to find out.


Look Good, Feel Good

Cars are tools, but that doesn't mean you can't look good

when you're using them. By detailing your vehicle on a

regular basis, you can look good and simultaneously know

that you are improving the value and safety of your car. If you

want the best for your car, you have to put in some effort, and

a good start is a regular detail at Summit Detail.


Real True Professional

Our talented team of car detailing professionals can extend
the quality of a car's performance and increase a car's resale
value through the application of a series of precision cosmetic
touch-ups, restoration procedures, and repair or replacement
of essential car parts.

Therefore, an effectively conducted top-to-bottom car

detailing job not only increases the visual appeal of the

car but also protects the condition and quality of the car

from harmful debris and dirt that accumulate through the

normal wear and tear of regular driving.

Let's look at these elements in more detail.

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What Does Professional Vehicle Detailing Do?

Although it may appear as though car detailing is a simple process, in reality, a significant amount of effort and time is put in by trained and experienced auto technicians in order for the detailing department to offer a high quality car detailing process. Car detailing technicians need to utilize precision instruments, technical equipment, automotive tools, comprehend car schematics, and have a razor-sharp attention to detail. This methodical process is followed in every Lee's Summit Subaru car detailing job in order to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction and approval.

The car detailing process focuses on assessing wear and tear before cleaning and repairing multiple facets of the automobile. Often a team effort is required by multiple technicians with different areas of automotive specialization who are tasked with detailing a region of the car.

Why Keep Your Car Clean?

Regular and routine car detailing is essential in order to protect one of your most valuable investments. Often, individuals shopping around for a new or used car expect that the car has been thoroughly cleaned and detailed before driving it off of the sales lot. However, many individuals who are planning on selling their car to another individual or trading it in at a dealership fail to get their car detailed prior to making the transaction. A simple $100-$200 investment in a high quality auto detailing job can yield a significant return on your investment by increasing the resale value of the car by $1,000-$2,000.

Our expert team of gifted Lee's Summit car detailing professionals primarily focuses on the following six dimensions of your car:

  • Paint and gloss restoration

  • Wheels, brakes, and chassis cleaning

  • Headlights and taillights

  • Exterior trim repair

  • Interior cleaning, mold repairing, and upholstery restoration

  • Engine bay deep cleaning

Paint Protection

If you want to keep your car shiny and neat, waxing is most definitely something you should consider adding to your car maintenance routine. One major benefit of waxing is that it keeps your car looking clean for much longer than if left unwaxed. Secondly, waxing can help to prevent scratches to your car that might occur during regular, normal usage. Furthermore, waxing your car just simply makes your car look more like it just came off the lot.

If you want to make waxing part of your routine, the key is to do it at regular, planned intervals - consider waxing your vehicle every six weeks.

If you live in an area with a lot of sun, the UV rays from the light can affect your car's exterior and interior. Paint can blister, leather can crack, and color can fade. That being said, regularly detailing your car by waxing and adding protective chemicals can help to slow these negative processes.

Think of it this way: if you were going to sit outside at the beach all day, you wouldn't go without suntan lotion, would you?

Protection from Salt Damage

The salt that is put on roads can severely degrade your car. One way to help prevent deposits of salt and dirt that often grow in open spaces of your car, like behind the wheels, is by regularly detailing your car at Lee's Summit Subaru. If you don't protect against the deposits, the salt and grit can eat away at your car's exterior and cause aesthetic problems.

It's Lit

An important facet of car detailing is light. To ensure your car's safety, you have to make sure you are paying attention to the headlights. Dirt buildup on the headlights can cause severe loss of light and efficiency that can prove harmful and dangerous when driving, especially at night.

A Crisp, Clean Interior

The part of the car that you will notice the most - the interior - is also an important thing to focus on when detailing your car. Regular cleaning can stop the growth of bad smells and grime. Also, cleaning visible surfaces can prevent them from fading in color and cracking. This makes your car more comfortable for driving and more valuable if you try to resell it.

Long-Lasting Wheels and Tires

Your wheels and tires are constantly exposed to the elements, and they are the one thing you call on most often in all types of weather conditions. The normal buildup of substances you encounter when driving can have adverse effects if you let them sit, so consider a proper cleaning the next time you detail your car. Regular cleaning can also help to prevent rust buildup and corrosion, which doesn't look too good.


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